April 17, 2010

Ten things I love BEACHY

Hey there lovely.
My oh My do I have Beach Fever.
I have been thinking about that gorgeous sea and warm sand between my toes ALL week.
One of my Favorite ladies is there right now supposedly to "look at a college campus", but I think she just wanted a quick beach get alway;] nah I'm kidding
That would be AMAZING if she moved there and went to school, I would be makin some beach trips like EVERY weekend!
 I hope she's having a blast!
I LOVE you 'Lyssa! :] She makes me Laugh.
She's too cute!

My summers are jam packed with beach trips from May until school starts back in August!
This summer could possibly be my last summer to enjoy being an undergrad student because next summer [hopefully, GOD willing] I will have my feet planted in a good & solid career.
SO this summer, I'm going to be sure and absorb every opportunity and memory I can.
My entire life I have been blessed each summer with numerous trips to the beach and I have made SO many memories over the years. I have also made so many traditions with the people I love the most and I wanted to share with you some of those things that I absoultely live for during my summer beach trips

Here are

1. The Car Ride
Most people will probably differ with me on this, but I LOVE traveling.
[and by Traveling I mean the actual riding in the car part]
I love looking out the window, and being REALLY anxious to arrive at the destination.
I love listening to music and singing REALLY loud!
[especially with Raeghan]
The trip above was one of my favorite beach drives because my little mye-mye got to go too!

2.Games on the beach

The entire family plays on the beach.
We don't just sit there like complete bums the entire time [although we do that too!]
we play volleyball, throw football, play baseball, and whatever else we can think of.
It's always a big competition.
and the BEST part is
our PawPaw is always the ring leader of getting things stirred up.
He is absolutely the BEST!

3. I love taking Pictures with my Brother

We always take Brother & Sister pictures.
They make my mom really happy, but I also love them
and I love sending them to my meme and grandmommy because I know that they just adore them!
The picture of me on my boobsters back has become a tradition and one that I always look forward to even though I know he hates it...but he will just have to get over it!
I love you BUBBY!!!

3. I love making FUN FUN FUN memories with my Mikey
He's really Pretty!
and so much fun to be around.
We've made so many memories together over the last four years, and we have a lifetime more to make together and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life making them with him.
He's too good to me.
I love you with all of my heart and for the rest of my life Michael.

3. I love that we always seem to be there for someones Birthday!

Maybe it's because our entire family pretty much has a summer birthday
particularly in the month of June.
The BEST month which includes my Birthday!

5. I Love relaxing time on the beach

particularly with the girls
but the guys too

The things I love the most about relaxing time on the beach is READING
I love reading for FUN
especially in the summer because during the school year my classes have me drowning in academic reading which I enjoy ALOT but its just not the same as reading for fun!

6. I REALLY LOVE being with my best friend
and REISA too!
They are both so SO much fun to be around.
Raeghan is so SO FUNNY
and makes me laugh.

7. I LOVE going shopping and to Peir Park

we usually have to beg my mom to go.
She is a true Sun Goddess and has to be dragged from the sun's rays:)
but its FUN!
My pawpaw likes to dance at peir park.
It's really funny:)
I was sure I ahd a photo of it but in the CHAOS arrangement and Zillions of photos on my computer I could locate it.

8. I love beach time with people that I don't get to see alot.
like my cousin Blake!
he LOVES the beach and Honestly I dont think anything in the entire world makes him happier:)
He loves LOVES to fish like A LOT!

MY Bestie Guy friend TRES obviously also likes to dance like my PawPaw
last summer I got to go on a trip with some Friends (tres)
Michael and Tres get along TOO much.
it was SO much fun!
9. I LOVE how pawpaw acts like he is having a heart attack after we go out to eat.
No not from the food he just ate, but because of how much the bill is.
He's so funny & there is nothing more in the world he would rather spend his money on than  his family.

Then after we always go to the arcades, play goofygolf and me and Raeghan ride the sling shot!

10. I think the one thing I LOVE and hate at the same time
and always leaves me with FANTASTIC memories

is how pawpaw and raeghan ALWAYS make me go out in the boat!
but at the exact same time I love every second of it!
I love them they are the best....NANNY too
but she hates the beach!

wearing Hats

and the night time view is always GORGEOUS
 [this is the view from the back balcony, the from balcony is beach side]

These are only 10 of  the zillions of things I LOVE and adore about summer beach trips with the best people on earth!
How do you make your summer memories??

tootles Loves


Anonymous said...

I love the actual travel part too [especially if someone else is driving] and make sure we have lots of tasty snacks and great music.
We like to take Brother & Sister shots too for my family, we had a very similar boat too as kids and my dad would tie rope to the boat scared we'e get taken out by the tide. Such great memories, I wish I were there now.

Olivia Carter said...

I have not been to the beach in I don't even know how long. Maybe 55 or 6 years. I went for my honeymoon & that's really the last time I remember going.

But I do miss the East Coast beaches. Maryland doesn't have great ones or anything but the water was warm & the waves were never too big.

Missy said...

ah so need to go to the beach now!

For everything about fashion:

Christy said...

Glad to read about your beach love! I also love the 'traveling'....and stopped at all the places with weird signs, and trying things like boiled peanuts (gag), or finding bobble head moose cookie jars, who buys them? I want to meet that person b/c I think we could be friends, ya know? Anyway, schedule those trips now, life is a LITTLE different after the college years. ;o)

Christy said...

....but boiled peanuts are squishy! I wasn't expecting that....and it just....ewww....
The good news, I'll leave them there for you to enjoy next time I travel down the same roads you are traveling. ;o)