April 7, 2010


Hi there!
Today is Wednesday
so you know what that means
time for a little sharing of ideas over at the 

Today, my idea sharing actually, desperately NEEDS YOUR input with 
YOUR creative ideas.

I'm SHARING works that are show HARMONY!

Works by Roy Lichtenstein

I am going to base a series of paintings on these THREE quotes that are from my study on art theory.

"Unity of a work of art should be such as if any of the parts be either transposed or taken away, the whole will be destroyed or changed."

" Therefore, the beauty at any rate lies in the obvious adaptation of every part...but to the stability of the whole, to which the position, dimension, and form of every part must have so necessary a realtion, that where it is possible, if any part were taken away, the whole would fall to peices."

"Now that all these parts are in the proper fashion subordinate to the whole and coordinate to each other, that they all work together harmoniously for the expression of the whole, nothing superfluous, nothing restricted;"

From these three quotes I want my work to be ENTIRELY moving and Harmonious
Every aspect of it!!

I REALLY REALLY am in desperate need of ideas.
[subject matter, color harmony ideas...anything]
I have so many ideas of what to do with this that I can't seem to pin point exactly where I want to go.
Any ideas I would absolutely LOVE to hear!

I enjoyed SHARING:)
and can't wait to here your feedback





Bumpkin on a Swing said...

I have this thing for any art depicting yellow, I also love the bold colors of these, thanks for sharing the little lesson with me!

Your word verification is super hard, you should lower the level of difficulty a bit, it makes it difficult for your readers to comment. Jus' saying, this is my
4th try

TaMs* said...

Roy's work is the best! Your blog is cute. Hoe you're having a great week. xo

Mel said...

I adore those prints!

Sarah said...

sounds like a tough project! i will think about it and let you know if i come up with anything good! i;m sure you'll do great!