April 19, 2010

Festival, Friends, & Picnic

My how I missed you on Sunday.

I've been about to go insane to show you a few photos from my weekend.
My weekend was packed full [as always] of FUN.
On Saturday, My lovely mom and I went to the Magnolia Festival.
There were so many great vendors there.

Particularly, I was interested in these gorgeous peices of jewelry by Lilah Broxton Design.
She was a real sweet lady that had really great peices.

My FAVORITE part of the Festival was seeing

She is one of those perfect examples of a friend that is always there and isn't stressful.
We were inseperable in high school, and have so many GREAT memories together.
She is going to be having a little baby girl in July, and I am SO sooo excited about that.
I'm going to make her cute little things.
She is TOO cute, and I miss not getting to see her as often as I would like.

Sunday was our Church Picnic
and as ALWAYS it was a great turn out and a whole lot of fun!
and it's always a HUGE plus when my parents get to travel up here and join us.

I always have to absorb every single second with my Mr.
when this guy [My daddy-o] is around

because him and Mikey are constantly trying to sneak off fishing.
I love how they get along sooooo GREAT!

My FAVORITE photos from the picnic are these

Showing how motherly I can be.
This is pretty little Addisyn.

Isn't she gorgeous & she is so sweet.
Her mommy Shayna is going to love LOVE these sweet little pictures.

well that's a small glimpse into my weekend fun.
How was your weekend?

See you tomorrow for TOP TWO TUESDAY!

Tootlie Lou

P.s. I absolutely am SO excited about Wednesday!


Katie said...

Hi! Just found your blog -- love the colors and fun photos! Oh, and I must say, you have the MOST gorgeous hair EVER. Perhaps a post of hair secrets is in your future? :)


Shayna Goss said...

Those pictures are precious!! I must have a copy!!

Selma said...

lovely pictures! xxx

I follow you! :D


Rhiannon Nicole said...

Gorgeous photos :) xx

Kristin said...

Those pics of you and the bambino are so precious!

Angela said...

You and your guy make a very good looking couple!! Glad you had a fantastic time at the picnic and festival <3

Kat @ Black Kats Design said...

Thank you for following Black Kats Design, where there is always something new and fun going on.

I just love your blog layout. The colors are great and nice and spring like.


Michelle said...

Oh, fun! :) Cute pictures - looks like your weekend was great! Jealous of the picnic - it's been raining here constantly! lol.

Iva said...

Addisyn is a little beauty!!!

OceanDreams said...

What a darling picture of you with the baby, so cute! Ha ha, so fun that your BF gets along with your dad, that's cute. Glad you had a nice time with your friend and hope your week is going well!

Anonymous said...

I love buying jewellery from vendors who make them themselves.
Gorgeous photos.