March 12, 2010

My Future

I Don't do these types of post very often
You know..the "SERIOUS" type.
But I feel like through sharing some of the things I am dealing with at this point in my life
could also help to encourage someone else who might be dealing with the same thing or something similar.

If you don't know, I am about to graduate (in december) with a B.S. Degree in Art
You know, it seems like only yesterday that I was about to graduate from high school.

These are from my senior year at the national teen talent:), Such GREAT memories!

You know that feeling of, "Oh, Crap...What am I supposed to do now??" that we seem to get when we come to a transitional stage in our life??
Well to NO suprise at all
I've found myself once again in a situation very similar to that feeling.

 this time I KNOW a few more things about WHO I AM as a person, as well as AN ARTIST!

a few of the VAST amount of the things I've learned is 
that I am a GO-Getter and
That my DREAMS are gigantic as well as exciting!

the absolute most important thing that I have learned
and I will hold onto and lean on FOREVER
is that
MY PLANS for myself, DO NOT in anyway at all even COMPARE to the PLANS that GOD has for me!
When God closes one door,
I absolutely 100% believe that he will open up another one,

MY DREAMS are nothing compared to what GOD already knows will take place in my life, How could I ever dream any bigger than that??

How do I Know?
Because he's closed and open too many doors in my life
and they always are BETTER than what I had ever expected for myself!

I feel like so many other artist struggle and fight to figure out exactly who they are but,
I know what I'm about
I know MY style


AND I want NOTHING more than to do this for the REST of my LIFE
No matter how rediculous or "Un-realistic" that might sound to some people
But I DO!
I get a huge lump in my throat when I think about it
I just want it SO SO SOOO bad
It's my Happiness and that's all that matters
Why is that SO hard for some people to grasp??

NO!!! not with WATERCOLOR (ha.)
Give me some FREAKIN ACRYLICS please!!

Anyway, so what I'm getting at is
I'm ready for this... no matter how RISKY it is

It's what I want

If it isn't God's will for my life I honestly I don't think he would put such a stong desire. love. passion. inside of me for Painting
and I AM a GO-Getter.

So, you can look forward to a pretty interesting adventure here on the ItsybitsyBrianna Blog!!
AHHH I'm OVERLY excited!

love LOVE


Anonymous said...

right there with you girl! all i wanna do is paint too! and definitely NOT watercolor. haha. you have established a very special, unique style that i KNOW you will have a very successful future with! :) i absolutely love that mannequin.

-haley d

The Reno Family said...

Are you looking for projects? I can give you a project!!!

Braxton and I found out that baby #2 is a girl! We are naming her Paisley Madison Reno. So, my plan is to decorate her room in paisley (for course). Have you ever painted any type of paisley pattern? If you are interested I would love a painting for her room! I was thinking a medium size canvas, turned landscape, her initials in the middle M P R (with the P larger like they do monogramming) and then around the edges of the canvas a paisley pattern. OR....Paisley panted on the center of the canvas and then the paisley pattern around the edges. Probably doing the room in pink (a little brighter than the traditional baby pink), white, and green. Just a thought for your "future".

You do great work!

Brianna! said...

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do it :)
Im so excited!