February 25, 2010

Midterm Sketches

most people know what I'm about to talk about
and that is 
usually I DO NOT procrastinate
what so ever
I just DON'T!

but when it comes to sketchbook and Journal for Adv. Drawing
I ALWAYS find myself STRESSING about doing it at the LAST minute

So this semester
I had some help from some AWESOME people
with there input on what I should sketch in my sketchbook

SO without Further a due
Here are TWO of the ones that I started tonight!

This one was requested by Jonathan Rogol
He wanted me to do something abstract, like a weird looking Skyline.
This is What I came up with.
Jonathan, Please let me know if you like it!

This one was requested by Jacob Bryant!
He wanted an Owl Playing an Acoustic Guitar
Jacob, Hope you like it!
please let me know:)

There will be TONS more as the weekend goes by
The next  TWO
are requested by
& Angela!

I'll let you know on Facebook when the new ones are up!

Thanks so much everyone with the help
it made the process SO much FUN!
night LOVES

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