February 9, 2010

I missed something BIG that needed to be celebrated!!!

I missed my
100th blog extravaganza
& I believe its never too late for anything so

(Smoking is not good...but I had to include this I thought it was funny:)

HAPPY 1♥♥th Blog to ItsybitsyBrianna

This weekend My Mr. and I are going to Gatlinburg, TN.
We are staying in a gorgeous cabin
with the rest of my crazy family!

It's a tradition in celebration of my AMAZING pawpaws birthday

Here are a few photos from the BLAST we had last year

We relax in the spa

We Play Rock Band
This year we are taking the Wii

We play Pool


Arcade Games like PacMan!

We put on our Poker Face;)

We take pictures on the balcony!

We have a party for poppie

We have photo shoots

and when night falls,
we get in our comfy jammies,
and cuddle up♥

Can't wait to share with you the adventures we have this year!
Oh I also have a GREAT secret to share when I get back,
but until then you'll just have to anxiously wait!

Sweetie peaches

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