February 24, 2010


I do believe
That the 
indeed are the Window to the soul

This photo 
is absolutely my most prized self portrait
It speaks so much of who I am 
and even though I am the subject matter of the photograph
I believe that even if I didn't know that person in the photo so well
I would still gain so much just by what the eyes say.

I have noticed that I am very fond of eyes
When painting, drawing, but even more so when I'm meeting someone for the first time.
A person's eyes are the one thing I notice immediately! (next are the teeth if you must know. HA.)

Eyes can say so much 
and do have so much to tell.
They are the most Magical thing to me.

This Mr.'s Eyes 
Took...and still take my breath away

He's so Gorgeous!

I'm just saying that Eyes tell everything
So think about it
and think about all the amazing wonders that something so small 
and tiny can do.

My baby Mylee Ray
Has the most Kind and sympathetic eyes I have every seen
They truly do 
say everything about her
and for her benefit
She is spoiled because every-time she wants something
all she has to do is look at us 
with those eyes
and she gets her way...well most of the time!

Eyes can also be made into a completely BRIGHT and GORGEOUS statement!

Well Blogger Friends!
Thank you so much for Reading, 

I'm off to Draw:)

Oh one last pretty

Found this on flickr
dont know the original source 
but I can find it if you need it!

Love Love

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whitney said...

so what do my eyes say!?