February 17, 2010


I Have a serious SERIOUS
BOOK Fettish

When I have my own place I am going to have a gorgeous GORGEOUS gorgeous library
and you know whats great...!!!
My Michael wants one too
Its going to be absolutely LOVELY♥

Here are a few Magical Library pretties

And I thought these cart/shelves
are so so SOOOO cutsie♥

All photos found here 

AHHH I miss reading...*for FUN!!
for school, most of which is very interesting to read,
But its really not the same 
as reading just because...just for Brianna!

I LOVE this Print 

Spring/summer is when I can actually read just because I want to
& I can't wait until then!
Any good book recommendations??? (leave in comments please)

Well I'm off to do some studying and reading for school purposes!
Later loves

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