February 22, 2010

Beginning a New Week

This week 
is like most
another busy one

which is just how I like it!

So this morning began with a very GREAT discussion on Cennino Cennini!
Who was an Italian Painter:)  who wrote the Craftman's Handbook
which if you have any interest at all in Art, you should read because it is such a fantastic Read.

So during this two hour break that I have in between classes
I gather my thoughts on the previous class discussion, I prepare for my two o'clock class and read about Women Artist (which is very interesting), then I write out my to-do-list (academic, and personal) I check my emails, and roam through illustrators to get some inspiration juices flowing for my ADV Drawing class that starts at 11:00!
and of course....
I also manage to squeeze in a few minutes for blogging....its an absolute must
considering its the ONLY thing I do during this break that is for Pure Personal Enjoyment!

So here are some inspirational things that I have found to "tickle my fancy" this morning
Illustrations by Kathryn Elyse 

Also, Check out herBlog
its stunning

and on her ETSY, 
I found these Match Cards that I thought were Brilliantly BRILLIANT!
I'm so envious of these people's cleverness...and I mean that as a very large compliment!
Its time for that Reading I told you I MUST DO on Italian Women Artist!

Later loves

p.s. Katy Perry is on the Cover of NYLON Mag.

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