December 12, 2009

Holiday Cookin List!

ahhhh Its almost time for the Holiday baking and cooking to start.
I bake with one of the most incredible women on the planet!
My Nanny :)
sooooo Great
so here's to this

HOLIDAY making & baking TO DO LIST

Our Traditional Cinnamon rolls from Pillsbury Crescent rolls
oh there are so many great things that you can make from crescent rolls
take a peek at them:)

we always make drink mix jars
This year we are making a Mocha Coffee Delight
it's going to be so warmingly....delightful?!!
Yes! thats exactly what it will be.
Here is a Recipe...not the exact one we will be using but close enough!

annnnddd we are absolutely making these

So SO fun and ADORABLE.

Be back before the big extravaganza to post some photos from last year
Stay cozy and warm


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