July 2, 2009

Good Day Lovelies

Today, I realized that
I miss these two TERRIBLY

It's painful how much I miss them.

So to get my mind off the people I miss,

Tonight I am going shopping for a new travel bag. That might sound a bit useful, but maybe the next time you reach for a bag to pack all of your stuff for a little trip, this might just be something that you remember.

Here is what I'm hoping to find tonight.


  • small, & large at the same time.
  • bright & unique.
  • multi-pocketed.

or maybe something like these...

So these little bags are also something that I also LOVE!


If you haven't ever traveled with one of these bags, you should give it a go, because they are simply magnificent. They make it very easy to unpack, they keep your clothes less wrinkled, and ready to take directly out of the bag, to hang. Easy and simple as pie!

Its great.

Saves space.

Saves time.

Well, wish me luck on my shopping and searching tonight.

Tootlies Loves

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