June 26, 2009

Outside My Window

lovely sunny weather, pretty green grass and flowers, morning dew.

I Am Thinking

today I am going swimming, my brothers race tonight ( That God will put his angels all around him & keep him safe) Hope he wins!, about my guitar lesson my michael gave me last night, I need to brush Mylee Ray's hair and fix her little fountain on top of her head:) I want to paint, and draw.

I Am Thankful

that I have the wonderful love of family & friends, and that I don't have to live a life of loneliness & sadness. That God has GREAT special plans for my life that he made JUST for ME, Brianna Gail Bolden! (makes my heart warm) For creative thinking & problem solving. For my Michael. For my babydoll doggie Mylee Ray. For Paula Dean!

From The Kitchen

The smell of my mom frying some sausage. My coffee pot with freshly made coffee that is OH, SO DELICIOUS!

I Am Wearing

Soffee Shorts, and a flowery Tank, Hair ties on my arm, Promise Ring on my left ring finger, Black diamond ring on my right ring finger, size 00 gauges in my ears, my best friends cassette necklace, and day old mascara on my eyelashes & smudged under my eyes.

I Am Creating

A new painting for my MeMe to hang in her dining room. It is a black and SILVER color palette. & the subject matter is an APPLE....its going to be OH, so VERY LOVELY (will definitely post when complete)

I Am Going

to the pool today (on the way, I will stop by any yard/garage/estate sales), going to my brothers race tonight, to the beach in a week and a day (for two whole weeks).

Around The House

noise of mom clanging pots and pans around:) LOVE HER!! some plants, lovely white curtains, all of my clothes packed up in bags from the move back yesterday (desperately need to be unpacking that today) My michael in the bed snoozing....

One of My Favorite Things

Ah haaaa moments & INSPIRATION

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week


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