June 30, 2009

The last day of June

I missed this kid today


That would be my little brother, Brady. He's the best!

I am currently watching

I will be here in 4 days

Today, My Gorgeous Mom, Aunt, Cousin Alyssa, & I drove to Florence for the day.

We went to pick up my paintings. I seriously couldn't wait to get them back in my possession. I have felt so lost without them. They are something that have been like a complete part of me over the past three weeks, and leaving them in class for a couple of days felt like a lifetime! It was horrible...

here is one of them hanging in my parents house

We had lunch at this wonderful place

It was a super fun day, filled with loads of smiles, and laughs.

There is seriously nothing like the four of us being together.

I ended the trip home with this,

and how much better could it have ended??!!!???


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