June 18, 2009

coming to a close

ahhh yes the age of 20 years old is coming to an end.
This has been a great year surrounded by people that truly love me and that I absolutely wouldnt trade for anything in the universe.
I am blessed beyond measure.

I will be 21 in about an hour and 40 minutes. Is that crazy or what?

Birthdays remind me of these

Which I love love LOVE!

I think I'll be making some this weekend, my own birthday treat to myself:)

Tomorrow I am going shopping. FANTASTIC!

then tomorrow night we are going here

hmm what else do I want to talk about?

Unwrapped is on,

Im watching this guy make Ben & Jerry Ice Cream:)

Here are THREE things I love

I Absolutely cant go without my morning Coffee, & Espresso

These are DELISH I love them, The chocolate peanut butter is the best!

love selling AVON....Its like Christmas for me every other friday when the orders are shipped. I anxiously wait close to the door waiting for the knock from Mr. David (the UPS guy).
I think Im going to try and post THREE things I love every day:)
that will be fun!


Kandi Queen said...

is avon really lucrative for you? my grandma sells it and she loves it. i think she spends more than she makes though, because she is always giving us free stuff!

Brianna Gail said...

Welllllll I could make great money selling it, but Im probably a bit like your grandmother...I buy so much of it, but they are seriously FANTASTIC products. I've switched products over and over trying to find stuff that would keep my skin clear, and as soon as I started using Avon my face cleared up, and its blemish free:) I LOVE IT.
Not only is the makeup great but they have such adorable clothes and jewelry.
You should sale it...seriously its GREAT I love it!