May 6, 2016

Weekend Craziness, Friends and Pups!

Hi Friends!
I'm so glad its the weekend. Although thinking about my weekend makes me tired. This weekend will be filled with an early trip to Pepper Place to see some friends and family, The Boudoir Belle has a shoot tomorrow, and then as soon as that is over I'll be hauling tail to get to my friend Tiffany's Baby Shower...Oh, did I mention I am one of the Hostesses of the shower. I am so excited to celebrate Tiff and Trav as well as excited to spend some time with some of my closest friends.
This same exact group <3 Gosh can't believe this was almost a year ago since we took this! These friends of mine are the ones that no matter where life takes know that they are always there for you, and you are always there for them. I lived two hours away for over two years and not one single thing changed between us. 

So Tiffany & Travis' life is about to change in a huge way and we all can't wait to meet, cuddle and love on baby Carson Hayes. Ahh Seriously cannot wait! 


On another note! I just wanted to give all of you an updated on the new addition to our Family!
M R.  B A I L E Y 

It's been an adjustment for Bucky! He's so sweet, however the little guy is spoiled rotten. Like BAD. It's embarrassing to say, but sometimes he would cry until we sat in the floor with him to eat...and we would. Every. Single. Time. So SPOILED. But Bucky & Bailey have been getting along GREAT! 
I love all of my handsome guys. I'm one lucky lady!!

I'm off to give the dogs a walk and then I'm off to work.
I hope you all have a fantastic and easy Friday!
Be back soon,

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