March 22, 2016

Top Insta Accounts

Hi Lovelies!
I can't get over how fast these first two week days have gone by. Thanks to everyone who stopped by my blog yesterday to read my newest announcement. It really means a lot having all of your love and support. So thank you so much for every comment, congrats, like, and share! It means so much to me. 

Today I wanted to show a little love to some of my absolute f a v o r i t e instagram accounts. So I have my current top ten picks for now. If you don't follow one of these accounts, its a total must! It's a range from Fashion, design, photography and other bloggers. All of these accounts I can always count on to give me something gorgeous, cute, fun to put a smile on my face or to inspire me in some way! They always have fun fresh content, something that is gorgeous, breath-taking...I think you get my point ;)

Enjoy my top picks! 

Seriously, Christine has the most incredible style of anyone I have ever seen. Can I please PLEASE just have your entire wardrobe for three days? 

I love following both Heidi Elnora and the account listed above. The account listed above is Heidi's Birmingham Boutique. So naturally I love looking here at all of the gorgeous designs, because one day when that day comes, I know exactly where to go to find the dress of my dreams and I'm always for supporting local businesses. 
I LOVE YOU HEIDI! You are a genius in my book. 

Hunt for Styles is one of my favorite places to find fashion inspiration. Gina is just super gorgeous! 

Oh Mara...You are so so lovely. I have followed Mara's blog {M loves M} for as long as I can remember. I have loved seeing her blog grow tremendously. You are so inspiring Mara!

Umm why wouldn't I love seeing all of these gorgeous women loving themselves and loving each other. I have never seen more encouragement and love between females than I have since I have become part of The Boudoir Belle team! 

I love following Jenny because she always has such a light and airy presence. I don't know how else to explain her account. It's just so gorgeous. Her entire account is just packed full of this feeling that really you're just going to have to experience for yourself. I promise you will love it!

So I started following Song of Style {Aimee Song} a while back. One of the most gorgeous and inspiring fashion bloggers I have ever followed. Well shortly after I started following Aimee's sister Dani and I just completely fell head over heels for her. Her style is more like mine. Fun, off the wall, unpredictable, cool laid back but completely detailed and planned out at the same time. I also love seeing her and Aimee in both accounts together!

This is my friend Whitney <3 Absolutely one of my favorite accounts to follow. They live at the beach {love} and her and her husband Michael have the most adorable little girl on the planet, Charlee Bea. Seriously, she is waaayyy too adorable!

You have to love your local groups! I absolutely Love that here in this wonderful city that bloggers are recognized. I love that we have Bham Bloggers! 

I know I know, I have a lot of fashion ones in my top picks, but what can I say. I love what I love, right? So of course, Samantha's style is so inspiring. I love all of her details shots and close ups. She really pays close attention to showing her accessories which I think always adds so much prettiness to a look. 

So friends, that's my top ten for now. You know that's always evolving and changing so I'm sure I'll have a new top list soon. But until then, check out these awesome accounts and follow them. I promise you won't regret it. They will all overload your eyes and spirit with so much happiness. 

Bye for now

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Samantha Nicole said...

You totally made my day!!!! Thank you so much!